Rika Fukui

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About Rika Fukui
  • Leadership Programme Consultant, AVPN

Rika is the Leadership Programme Consultant of AVPN Japan team. She is responsible to execute a leadership program for social purpose organizations, which aims for capacity development.

It also aims at harnessing the connections between resource providers and social purpose organizations and develop the ecosystem around the social impact area.

She holds a BA in Social Science at Hitotsubashi University. After graduating from the university, Rika had spent 5 years in the private sector and three and a half years at Matsushita Institute of Government and Management (MIGM), a private political institute.

While being a research fellow at MIGM, she became an executive director at an NGO in the international cooperation area. She has a wide variety of field experiences in stakeholder management, fundraising, event management, branding development, and sales and promotion.

After the MIGM, she became a project manager at one of the educational institutions in Japan, which holds workshops and camps for junior high school students as well as training for school teachers. During her work, she managed teacher training nationwide, that was run by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.