Ruijun Yuan

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About Ruijun Yuan
  • Associate Professor, Center for Civil Society Studies at Peking University

Ruijun Yuan (Ph. D. political science, Peking University) is an Associate Professor at the School of Government, Peking University. She is also the director of the Center for Civil Society Studies at Peking University.

Her study interests include: the relations between government and society, the third sector, collective governance, social innovation and social impact. She has published several papers concerning social society and comparative politics. She co-edited “blue paper of the development of social society in China” with Professor Bingzhong Gao in 2008, translated the book “365 ways to change the world” together with other professors. In addition, she has held the International Panel Session on Social Enterprise and Social Innovation at Beijing Forum in the last five years. Now the ongoing issues are social enterprise certification and social impact assessment.