Sanaa Shaikh

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About Sanaa Shaikh
  • Director - Investor Relations, United Way of Mumbai

Sanaa leads Investor Relations at United Way Mumbai (UWM) – a premier non profit organization with a vast footprint in urban and rural communities across the country. UWM has invested INR 252 crore in the areas of Education, Health, Income, Environment, Public Safety & Social Inclusion and Sanaa works closely with companies on designing their CSR portfolio and philanthropy initiatives. Her expertise lies in the area of education for children from marginalized communities. Prior to joining UWM, Sanaa was Chief Operating Officer of Aseema – a leading education focused NGO. She has designed and led projects in school adoption, public private partnership, remedial education, counselling, early childhood education and teacher training. Her experience includes grassroot level work in municipal schools of Mumbai and tribal communities in Maharashtra. She has a keen interest in child rights and has co-authored a book on Understanding Children’s Rights through the lens of the UN Convention on Rights of the Child.