Siew Keng Tan

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About Siew Keng Tan
  • Assistant Director, Development & Partnerships - Social, Grant Management, Tote Board

Siew Keng looks after funding and partnerships related to Tote Board. In the course of her work, she has processed a wide variety of cases ranging from small-scale events to big partnered funds. More impressively, she has had to handle projects in a myriad of sectors including social service, sports, community development, education, health and especially the arts and culture.

Much more than simply administrative work, Siew Keng has had to meet with government agencies, non-profit organisations, and even academics to understand ground needs. Siew Keng needs to have her finger on the pulse for all these issues and be able to identify good programmes that address real needs for Tote Board to come in and support. Showcasing her diverse range of capabilities, she has managed the Arts Grant for schools, sped school and ITEs, the community and residential centres upgrading scheme, and various other arts projects.

A good example of how her work is closely tied to issues on the ground is her heavy involvement in the setting up of the Social Enterprise Hub (SEHub), which provides mentoring resources for businesses with a social mission. This is an area of growing importance considering the shift in Singapore's landscape to a greater focus on social issues, which has been alluded to by the leaders of Singapore including PM Lee.

Behind the scenes, Siew Keng was also a vital part of the team responsible for reviewing the Tote Board Social Service Fund (TBSSF). TBSSF is administered by the National Council of Social Service, and supports critical and strategic social service programmes for the needy and disadvantaged, capability enhancement initiatives to uplift social service standards, and capital projects of voluntary welfare organisations. Siew Keng's work helps to ensure that the programmes funded continue to be relevant, effective and deliver good outcomes.

Siew Keng was also instrumental in negotiating with service providers to operate facilities at the Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre, which among other outreach programmes, gives back to community by providing therapeutic horse-riding lessons to special needs students.

Especially worth noting is Siew Keng's knowledge on the arts and culture. Over the years, she has developed a keen understanding and appreciation of the needs of the arts community, having evaluated projects by organisations as diverse as Singapore Chinese Orchestra, National Heritage Board, and the Singapore Dance Theatre.

Within Tote Board, Siew Keng is also helping to improve work flows and processes by working with vendors to develop a new case management system, making it easier for grant applicants to work with Tote Board for funding.

Siew Keng is a knowledge well and is a highly valued member of Tote Board and a great credit to the public service.