Shyama Sinha

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About Shyama Sinha
  • Senior Consultant, Vera Solutions

Consultant at Vera Solutions, a social enterprise that provides cloud and mobile technology solutions to impact organisations in order to help them solve their data issues, measure impact and streamline operations.

Prior to working at Vera, I worked at Yuwa, a non-profit based in rural Jharkhand, India that uses girls’ team sports as a platform for social development. While at Vera, I have worked with organisations like Aga Khan Foundation, Impact Hub, AVPN and Women's Fund Asia helping them leverage Salesforce to build a robust data management system.

Vera Solutions has 10 years of experience building solutions for organisations working in the social sector and making an impact. Our product, Amp Impact, allows organisations to manage programs/grants and measure their impact. It provides a platform to enter their framework, track program activities, enter targets and results and view performance over multiple geographies and reporting periods. Amp also allows organisations to track budget for their programs/grants and manage risk. You can also generate XML files in Amp Impact for IATI publishing.