Stanley Boots

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About Stanley Boots
  • CEO, Frontier Law and Advisory Ltd.

Stanley Boots, lawyer and CEO of Frontier Law & Advisory (, has 20 years of lawyering experience in Asia, particularly in infrastructure, climate change and impact investment projects.

He leads a team of "bold.relevant.disruptive" lawyers and advisors in developing unique solutions to Southeast Asia's impact needs, such as applying public private partnership principles to social and environmental issues.

Stanley and his team have developed a reputation for being outside the box problem solvers with a reach into infrastructure, government advisory, green and blue development, and most recently, SME development (particularly with gender inclusiveness) across Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

In addition to his firm, Stanley founded 7 Bridges Brewing Company ( in Danang, Vietnam—a craft beer company structured to deliver social and environmental impact through leveraging the power of beer to bring people together for good work.