Stuart Hawkins

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About Stuart Hawkins
  • Director of Sustainability, Coca-Cola ASEAN

Stuart Hawkins has been with The Coca-Cola Company since 1998. He joined Coca-Cola in the company’s Middle and Far East Group public affairs team in Hong Kong, working with colleagues in over 60 countries. In 2005, he was seconded from Coca-Cola to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Centre in Bangkok in a unique one-year assignment to lead and manage a partnership with UNDP and the UN Foundation focused on water and sanitation reconstruction activities in tsunami-impacted countries. After this assignment, he headed up Public Affairs & Communications for Coca-Cola Thailand during which time he developed and launched a number of flagship sustainability programs with government and civil society partners such as the RAKNAM (Love Water) initiative that continues to reach communities nationwide. He currently leads the company’s sustainability and social impact strategy, programs and partnerships across Southeast Asia.

Stuart holds a Master of Arts degree in Modern History from Oxford University, England.