Sunjoo Cha

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About Sunjoo Cha
  • Director, VP Initiative, The Asan Nanum Foundation

Sunjoo Cha is Director, VP Initiative of The Asan Nanum Foundation.

Sunjoo graduated from Yonsei University with a degree in Social Welfare and then studied Policy and Management of NPO at Kyounghee Public Graduate School.  Prior to joining The Asan Nanum Foundation, Sunjoo worked at Beautiful Foundation (Beautiful Store), Good Neighbors as a Social Worker, and at MetLife Korea Foundation, Samsung Securities as CSR Manager and Donation Consultant.

She has been working in NPOs and Corporate for 15 years and joined The Asan Nanum Foundation in 2014, and set up New Business related to Venture Philanthropy.  She is in charge of the project of “Accelerating Program for NPOs supporting the Youth” and would like to contribute to NPOs’ growth and self-reliance by improving their operational capacity.