Swee Sum Lam

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About Swee Sum Lam
  • Director, Asia Centre for SE & Philanthropy (NUS Business School)

Lam Swee Sum is an associate professor of finance at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School. Paper qualifications aside, Swee Sum has had diverse work experience in corporate banking, corporate finance and real estate prior to joining NUS. She holds professional qualifications as a chartered accountant and a chartered financial analyst. She is also the Director of the Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (ACSEP) at the NUS Business School.

As Director of ACSEP, she re-envisioned ACSEP as an intervention program in the NUS to promote understanding and the impactful practice of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy through research and education. Therefore, ACSEP conducts both basic and applied research and disseminates the knowledge through formal as well as informal learning experiences. In the area of education, Swee Sum has worked to establish scholarships and develop the curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Modules include social entrepreneurship, business with a social conscience, measuring success in philanthropy and impact investing, and field service project. Besides field building, ACSEP also engages in capacity building for socially driven organizations. Swee Sum has partnered with various partner universities and non-profit organizations to develop train-the-trainer programs to foster entrepreneurship for sustainable development in the Philippines and Indonesia.