Syarif Hamdi

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About Syarif Hamdi
  • Senior Digital Transformations Associate, AVPN

Syarif joined AVPN in early 2017 as a Senior Digital Transformations Associate focusing on the Data Management aspect in AVPN.

He is an avid data enthusiast who enjoys discussing case studies and leading brainstorming sessions on database architecture and design. One of his latest change management project was to deliver new sets of operational excellence processes resulting in Productivity Gain of 55% through automation and improved data structure.

He was also previously based in Jakarta as AVPN’s Indonesia Representative, and as such has built a strong network with key players in the social sector that are both based in-and-outside of Indonesia.

In his spare time, Syarif looks for volunteering opportunities in education or data initiatives across the region. He is particularly passionate about developing and sharing knowledge among disenfranchised communities, believing that this practice can create a large-scale ripple effect of sustainability and welfare.

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