Sylvania Jeshuani

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About Sylvania Jeshuani
  • Indonesia Administrative Associate, AVPN

Sylvania is serving as Administration Associate at AVPN, assisting in, but not limited to, AVPN country operations in Indonesia. Her role supports all kind of AVPN projects which goal is to make valuable contribution to the society.
Increasing connectivity and fostering inclusivity between members and local communities is something that she believes to be the ultimate social aid. Prior to jumping in professional world, she was assisting a project combating human trafficking in eastern part of Indonesia. Motivated to make a valuable impact to the society, under an international organization whose members come from hundreds of ethnic and language background, she is volunteering herself in international natural disaster management. She looks forward to giving in herself for the benefit of others.
Sylvania also has a love-hate relationship with French, which has taught her to stand in the shoes of others and has molded her to be an inclusive individual.