Vidya Shah


EdelGive Foundation


Vidya set up the EdelGive Foundation in 2008 as a result of a vision she had to be able to equip the notfor-profit sector with the skills and resources of the for-profit sector. Frequent site visits and conversations with visionary NGOs across the country, inspired Vidya to support these organizations and their leaders to build efficient programs. With 10 years of work experience in the financial services industry, Vidya saw merit in using her program management and financial expertise and share this with the NGOs she was engaging with. Shortly after, Vidya took the decision to leave her role of Chief Financial Officer at Edelweiss Financial Services and start the companies CSR entity, EdelGive Foundation. Through an intuitive philanthropy approach in the first few years of EdelGive?s journey, Vidya focused on the areas of Education and Skill Building, specifically on supporting government systems through teacher training programs and infrastructure development. Over the years, Vidya gradually understood that one of the main causes for social inequalities was the lack of participation of women, both socially and economically, in the community. To address this wide gap, Vidya created the women empowerment portfolio for EdelGive Foundation focused on supporting organizations and programs which enabled the social and economic empowerment of women. Subsequently, the latest addition to our portfolios has been the inclusion of livelihoods as a focus area, by providing relevant training, linking Self Help Groups (SHGs) to banking and loan facilities, and watershed management for NGO target communities. As the organisation has grown, Vidya has focused on creating a platform approach to philanthropy by aiming to be a bridge between the corporate world and the social sector. EdelGive has also been able to the creation of sustainable institutions and organizations that promote societal growth and innovation and by bringing the skills, resources and talents of the for-profit world to the not-for-profit world. Through this vision, EdelGive Foundation has influenced over INR 150 crores in philanthropy, impacted over 9 lakh lives and supported (financial and non-financial) over 130 organisations, in 14 states in India. Through its employee engagement program, EdelGive has provided over 32,500 hours in pro bono support from Edelweiss employees, with over 75% of them engaging in volunteering activities. Vidya is also a Non-Executive Director at Edelweiss Financial Services Limited and additionally serves as a Director on the board of Mabella Trustee Services, Spire Investment Advisers, Oak Investment Advisers, Common Purpose India, Tool Box India, Masoom and Agastya International Foundation. She is a Governing Board member for Janaagraha, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) and Empowering Families for Innovative Philanthropy Foundation. Vidya also sits on the advisory council for organizations such as Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy and Manndeshi Foundation. Vidya earned an MBA degree from IIM-Ahmedabad and spent the first 11 years of her career in the field of investment banking with companies like ICICI, Peregrine and NM Rothschild after which she served as CFO- Edelweiss Group.

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