Vikram Jain

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About Vikram Jain
  • Director, FSG Inclusive Markets

With over 15 years of consulting experience, Vikram has led several projects in understanding the needs of low-income urban customers and in identifying market-based opportunities to improve their lives.

Vikram is currently leading FSG’s Program to Improve Private Early Education (PIPE) which, aims to improve the learning outcomes of low-income urban children going to affordable private schools (APSs). As the program lead, Vikram is responsible for defining the program agenda, leading research, managing relationships and developing a business blueprint to improve the quality of private provision of affordable early childhood education (ECE) in India.

Vikram has led FSG’s low-income housing (LIH) program and co-led the livelihoods program. As the lead for the LIH program, Vikram managed customer research and analysis, developed and validated the business model for low income housing, tailored a Housing Finance model to suit the low income customers and supported the Government in in creating an affordable housing policy that would help catalyze private sector low-income housing market.

Vikram has authored reports on the “State of the Low-Income Housing Market in India: Encouraging progress and opportunities to realize dreams of millions” and “Informal housing, inadequate property rights: Understanding the needs of India’s informal housing dwellers”, written numerous articles in leading newspapers and spoken at national and international conferences to promote the ECE and LIH opportunities in media.

Prior to joining FSG, Vikram worked with Monitor Inclusive Markets (MIM) as the lead of the low-income housing practice and with McKinsey & Company, London as an engagement manager. He started his career as a technology consultant, working for Deloitte Consulting and SoftPlus (a startup) in the U.S., U.K., and India advising clients on operations and technology topics.