Vinay Nanda Kumar

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About Vinay Nanda Kumar
  • Chief Operations Officer – India, AVPN

At AVPN India, Vinay leads the team of memberships, knowledge centre, research and admin for the South Asian region. Vinay is responsible for the overall operations of AVPN India and has a team focusing on membership acquisition, development and services under him. His role also entails providing strategic inputs and assistance to the CEO of AVPN, South Asia. Vinay has a dual reporting – one to CEO, AVPN South Asia and the other one to the Chief Strategy Officer, AVPN HQ.

In the past, Vinay has held various leadership positions in a major Indian NGO for about a decade including leading a social enterprise and a startup. He has also handled Finance & IT functions for about 7 years across various organizations.

Vinay is a chartered accountant by qualification and has a bachelors degree in commerce. Additionally he is certified in audit of information systems, major ERP/ CRM applications.

Vinay has a passion to work for the social sector and wants to contribute towards Nation Building. Vinay has interests in poetry, cricket & music.