Yoshiyuki Nojima

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About Yoshiyuki Nojima
  • General Manager, CSR & Environmental Affairs Department, Mitsubishi Corporation

Mr Yoshiyuki Noijma is General Manager of the CSR & Environmental Affairs Department at Mitsubishi Corporation. He joined the company in April 1988 and worked in the Legal Department for twenty three years, four of which he spent in New York (Mitsubishi International Corporation). His academic accomplishments include completing the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in 2012, graduating from the School of Law at New York University in 1994, and passing the New York Bar Exam in the same year.

In 2010, Mr Nojima joined the Corporate Administration Department, where his main responsibilities as Deputy General Manager included overseeing board member meetings, the annual shareholders’ meeting, as well as developing a company-wide business contingency plan in response to the 3.11 earthquake in northern Japan. Since taking on his most recent role in the CSR & Environmental Affairs Department, Mr Nojima has also headed up an impact investment program which focuses on renovation projects and start-up enterprises. To date, the total amount of investment has reached approximately 2 billion yen for 44 projects. In Addition, Mr Nojima oversees the development and implementation of numerous philanthropic programs around the world.