Young Kim
Executive Director




Young-Sik (Young) is the executive director of the Association of Korean Local Governments for Social Economy and Solidarity (abbreviated as SSEGOV), a network organization of local governments in South Korea. As an experienced researcher, he has helped a number of social economy initiatives of both local governments and the national government in Korea. Young has advised and closely worked with policymakers and legislators, leading several important taskforces for social innovation and social economy legislations such as Framework Act on Social Economy (Social Economy Act), Framework Act on the Implementation of Social Value by Public Institutions (Social Value Act). Having co-founded a couple of social ventures, Young considers himself a social entrepreneur who eagers to boost the local economy with innovative social businesses.  His tasks range from innovating the public service with social enterprises to capacity building of the public sector in light of social innovation. 

Young's broad interests in the world might have come from his majoring in Geography: Young graduated from the Seoul National University (BA / MA) and studied Geography at the joint doctoral program of San Diego State University/University of California, Santa Barbara, focusing on the spatial analysis and economic geography. He was formerly a director of Seoul Social Economy Network and a senior researcher at the CSR Center of KAIST Business School. He currently serves as a member of the advisory committee of the Presidential Commission on Policy Planning of Korea.

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