AVPN Conferences

AVPN Conference 2016 will be held in Hong Kong from 23rd to 25th May. For more information please visit 2016.avpn.asia

The AVPN Annual Conference is the must-attend event that brings together VP and SI leaders and active supporters from Asia, North America and Europe. The Conference promotes shared learning, best practices and active networking across diverse sectors to build a vibrant and high impact venture philanthropy community in Asia. All partners will have a chance to meet leading venture philanthropy practitioners, promote their brand/organisation at the event and more broadly across AVPN’s 4,000+ contact database.

The Conference gathers the different groups that make up the VP and SI community:

  • Venture Philanthropy Practitioners and Impact Investors. This is the best platform to network with others in the industry and to showcase your projects and plans.
  • Foundations seeking to engage further with investee organisations and with co-funders in order to create higher social impact and more effective relationships.
  • Corporations that are looking to be more involved and effective in their CSR efforts.
  • Professional Services firms which provide pro bono or specialist intermediary services
  • Government organisations that want to develop an effective third sector space for impactful social investment.
  • Institutions and Academics who are involved in the research and development of social innovation and more impactful social finance.

In the past two years, AVPN Conferences witnessed great successes with keen anticipation, over-subscription and tickets sold out weeks before the actual days. The events were well-received and actively participated by hundreds of international and regional delegates.The 2014 Conference, a 3-day event organised around the theme “Social Investing in Asia: What has worked?”, attracted 88 speakers and 390 delegates from 29 countries and 244 organisations. The 26 sessions, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, parallel breakouts, and workshops, explored a diversity of topics in venture philanthropy and social investment sharing, ranging from social investing models in Asia, financial, human, and intellectual capital, and government engagement to impact measurement, social franchising, and VPO setup. Delegates also had the opportunity to engage in exciting investment showcase and themed networking sessions, as well as private roundtables, project launch, regional meeting, workshop, and paper review. IMG_8031      IMG_8389      IMG_1546Some comments from participants:“People were inspired, energised and felt they made really good connections. We are all looking forward to reconvening for next year’s conference!  (Can we register yet?)” – Abbie Jung, Synergy Social Ventures“Congratulations on a first class conference, from my observations it was very well programmed, organised, executed and a great opportunity for so many people to connect. The generous amount of networking time that was allocated was appreciated by many as this is one of the key attractions of such an event, time to meet many people throughout the sector. I myself met more than ten people that I will progress discussions with in the coming weeks.” – Mark Sayer, EmpactFor detailed programme and recorded videos, please visit the conference’s website.The 2013 Conference, with the theme “Creating Social Impact: Blending Philanthropic and Investment Capital”, hosted 72 speakers and 340 delegates from 31 countries around the world. The 2-day event offered 18 sessions and 4 workshops, which provided invaluable international and regional insights on different aspects of social impact creation and venture philanthropy, such as due diligence, human capital, fundraising, impact assessment, government engagement, and the role of families, in varied sectors like healthcare, education, children and expanding financial inclusion.10a      35-1024x682      38[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MrlCK9Rdrg]Please take a look at the conference’s website for more information and resources.For those who are interested in our upcoming 2015 Conference (20-23 April), please click here.