AVPN Connector Terms of Use

AVPN’s mission is to promote the venture philanthropy approach to more effectively channel capital (financial, human and intellectual) to address social issues.

In working towards this mission, we have created the AVPN Connector to allow members and stakeholders to make meaningful connections more efficiently. We hope to achieve this through a delicate balance of information sharing and maintaining personal data privacy.

What information do we collect?

External Profiles present photo and biographic information on speakers and participants coming to AVPN events. This includes but is not limited to title, organization name, LinkedIn profile link and personal biographic description.

  • We will request information from speakers ahead of AVPN events to put together their external profiles.
  • Through public information sources, we will put together external profiles of registered participants attending AVPN events.

How will this information be used?

  • External profile information of speakers is publicly viewable.
  • External profile information of registered participants at AVPN events is viewable only by other users of the AVPN Connector.
  • Registered participants have limited use of the AVPN Connector (until the event is over) and AVPN members have unlimited access.

What can I do about how the information that is shared?

  • By creating an account on the AVPN Connector, you have access to the information fields that are part of your external profile. Adding information into these information fields will override what shows up in your external profile.
  • If you do not want your external profile to be visible at all, you can opt out of the database by deleting your account, or requesting our assistance to delete it. Until you opt back into the database, your external profile will not be publicly viewable.

We hope that this note sufficiently explains how information is collected and shared within the AVPN Connector. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at connector [at] avpn.asia.