AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Akhil Shahani, Shahani Group

Akhil has extensive experience in the non-profit space. In addition, he sits on the advisory board of Unltd India & IDOBRO, which are two incubators supporting social entrepreneurs, 28 iconic colleges in Mumbai, as well as  is the Director of the SAGE Foundation.   Akhil is based in the Mumbai, India

Bonnie Chiu,
The Social Investment Consultancy

Bonnie is a serial social entrepreneur. She has founded  multiple ventures and initiatives. Apart from leading organisations, Bonnie also serves strategic governance roles   Bonnie is based in London, United Kingdom

Esther Santos, PLDT-Smart Foundation

Esther is the only Filipino to be designated country delegate for Fundacion Codespa. She has worked with several local foundations and advocacies for women and the youth. Her foundation experience mostly entailed strategic fund management, building strategy framework for implementation, and project management.   Esther is based in Makati, Philippines

Gayatri Mishra Oleti,
Larsen & Toubro Public Charitable Trust

Gayatri manages large scale multi-sectoral development projects and brings different stakeholders to pursue innovative policy and programme on social issues and to reach out to the last mile. She has also worked with the Government and bilateral agencies towards building collaboration.     Gayatri is based in Mumbai, India

Rajiv Pradhan, Swisscontact

Rajiv has over 28 years of experience, both in the private and development sector, and with small and medium enterprises development. They also have over 18 years of experience, including training practitioners, enabling environment, network development. Rajiv is based in Cambodia