Senior Product Associate, Knowledge & Insights

Denderah Rickmers


Denderah is a Senior Product Associate with the Knowledge & Insights team at AVPN.

She brings with her over 7 years of experience across the private and public sector. Prior to joining AVPN, she worked in the consulting, financial services, and design sector. She is a keen advocate for multi-stakeholder collaboration and for applying creativity and co-design principles to develop inclusive social investment vehicles. In that spirit her role at AVPN is to generate insights and create research outputs in various formats that span across the spectrum of different social investment approaches, from innovative philanthropy to social finance, and building up the AVPN Academy, a knowledge platform around those and other topic areas. Pursuant to her work at AVPN, Denderah is in the process of attaining her doctoral degree at King’s College London. Her PhD research focuses on the intersection of sustainable development, social investment, and the cultural and creative economies.

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