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Philanthropic Giving in Tier 2/3 Cities in India

To explore and deepen the philanthropic network to achieve a greater social impact in Tier 2/3 cities.


Story of our Journey

Unearthing and mobilising capital towards needs and social causes of tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India. Advancing strategic philanthropy in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
Ensuring that capital is effectively deployed.

Bringing together people who are changemakers and bringing about positive changes through their giving to the community. Learning from one another, documenting good practises and their interests.

Unearth the giving potential of diaspora, local corporates, clubs and associations.

Due visibility to people, organizations who are locally invested and can draw a pathway of sustainability by taking charge of their own state.

Be a catalyst in setting up a structured platform that encourages giving and unearths new pools of capital for causes of the state.


Project Execution


Stakeholder Mapping

Mapped Public Sector Undertakings, corporates, diaspora, local clubs and associations giving to their states.


Trend Analysis

We analysed the trends in giving, key sectors of giving, total amount spent in the states and geographic focus.


Next Steps

Understanding the needs of the states and possibilities of collaborative giving.

Structured giving platform- connecting the demand and supply.

Key findings

Summary of Key Findings

Map of Bihar

Map of Uttar Pradesh


A few districts in the state have immense potential for mobilizing/attracting different pools of capital.

Structured formal platform

Funders require a formal platform to connect them to the implementing organisations/requirements on the ground.

Need for collaboration

Need expressed for collaboration with like-minded individuals/organizations.

The Problems


The State Development is not happening because of limited will at the political level


No Industry is willing to come to Bihar due to Land non-availability by the Government. This has led to non-presence of Corporates in the state and hence Local CSR is extremely weak


International Borders with Nepal can be used to the benefit of the state but not being explored


Bihar Chamber of Commerce is a very ineffective body which if strengthened can be effectively used to attract funding


A Platform like Vibrant Bihar or Bihar Cares will help bloom a momentum in the state


Dream for Bihar should be showcased which will bring Bihar community together


Local Individual giving happens but largely to very local and immediate causes, religious institutions and people in need, little structured giving is seen


Direction and Guidance for local community is important as there is no Institution to impart that understanding


There is a Lacunae of Role Models who can inspire Giving


Willing to contribute through Diaspora communities that many of them have set up in the countries where they currently reside. In UAE alone, there are around 50,000+ people from Bihar


They are willing to help in form of Land, buildings, hostels, scholarships etc.


They are happy to join any structured platform and contribute to betterment of the state.

The Opportunity

Findings from interactions with PSUs, corporates, diaspora, local clubs and associations.

Most corporates, PSUs are open for collaborative, big sized, multi-year projects

Preference given to government aligned initiatives

Preference given to Aspirational Districts

Need for branding and visibility


The Solution

A deeper understanding of the giving patterns

A platform – City Based Network which may bring together givers of all sizes for betterment of their own city/state

Well-deserved visibility and celebrating local givers who usually never get an opportunity to talk about the impact that they create

Who have been contributing in the past and have stopped because of lack of transparency and impact

Create more collaborative philanthropic models of giving and good practice

Bihar State Budget FY-22​

Prioritises the social sector and Infrastructure

15,227.74 Cr

For Roads

16,835.67 Cr

For Rural Development

38,035.93 Cr

For Education sector

CSR Funding


grows in 5 yrs

3 Times

of national average



Source:  The CSR Universe


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