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Until and unless global leaders can break this power dynamic, and create trusted spaces for authentic listening, youths will not be empowered to drive generational change.

Why are we here

More than 60% of the world’s youth live in Asia

Access to opportunities and connections are becoming critical gaps in meeting youth priorities. While many stakeholders across the public, private, and social sectors are investing in initiatives that support youth development, they often operate in silos within a fragmented ecosystem that fails to include young people in decision-making.

If enterprising young Asians get the capital they need to solve the challenges they are facing, it will be a future where nobody is left behind.

Key initiatives

ayPact’s flagship initiatives are underpinned by 2 principles:

To advocate for youths as invaluable assets; To drive partnerships that harness these assets for impact creation.

Grab a Coffee - A Community Hub

A practitioner-driven space for young impact leaders, funders, and capacity builders to find one another, exchange knowledge and forge collaborations.

Jugaad - A Model for Youth-Led Corporate Impact Innovations

Purpose-led corporations can partner with young leaders to leapfrog social and environmental solutions. This is an opportunity for corporations to leverage youth's resourcefulness and ingenuity to drive product, process, or systems innovations.

Ecosystem-wide partnerships

From philanthropic pooled funds to capacity building coalitions, ayPact works closely with AVPN members to foster collaboratives that strengthen the youth ecosystem.

Engage with us

Are you a young impact leader, funder, or capacity builder?

Connect, Learn, Lead, and act! Here are 4 ways to drive scalable impact in Asia:

Connect and Increase Your Visibility

- Join the Grab a Coffee community hub
- Find recommendations to young impact leaders, funders, and capacity builders

Learn Best Practices & Build Thought Leadership

- Become a knowledge partner through AVPN's various platforms
- Kickstart a learning community around a thematic focus

Take a Lead on Corporate Impact

Be a corporate innovator and tackle a key social-environmental challenge, with the support of young impact leaders

Take Action & Pool Resources

Be one of Asia’s first-movers in unrestricted giving by pooling resources with leading foundations and corporates

Supporters & Partners

Meet the organisations who have been steering ayPact

When we all gather

Don't miss the energy in the room at the largest social investing convening in Asia!