4 Big Ideas On Corporate Social Impact


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In the first season of Corporate Social Impact Insights, we interviewed ten leaders and experts on how corporate social impact (CSI) practitioners can amplify their contribution and impact.

Here are four key takeaways from those conversations, which contain insights for social investors, business professionals and impact practitioners alike: 

  1. CSI Practitioners Must Master the Art of Bridging Worlds 

Like social investors in general, CSI practitioners traverse the worlds of business, social impact and the communities they work with. Amplifying one’s contribution requires the ability to fluently speak the language of various stakeholders.

Hearing the perspectives of various stakeholders can be an important first step in bridging worlds, building trust with stakeholders and finding ways to create shared value. The following episodes explore some key perspectives and values that can help CSI practitioners bridge the gap between different stakeholders.

Episodes to explore to learn more about this:

  1. CSI is an avenue for business innovation: 

CSI is often seen as the impact arm of corporate businesses. But merely using CSI as a tool for corporate responsibility would be a big missed opportunity for the core business. 

Businesses create value by solving problems, and the social challenges that CSI teams grapple with are incredible avenues to solve problems and create value within the corporate business. 

Episodes to explore to learn more about this:

  1. CSI allows businesses to engage with pressing issues of today

In our world today, businesses must be conscious entities that engage meaningfully with the most pressing issues of the day. A strategic CSI practice allows businesses to effectively contribute to thematic causes that align with the values of the corporate organisation and leverage the resources that it can provide for good. 

Episodes to explore to learn more about this:

  1. CSI can be a sandbox for the technological future of business and social impact

The rapid development of Artificial intelligence and other technologies signals tremendous change in the way businesses and impact organisations operate. It is important for organisations to experiment with emerging technologies and pilot new approaches without overhauling their core business. 

CSI can be the perfect sandbox for experimentation. On the one hand, it allows businesses to pilot technologies without disrupting their core business operations. On the other hand, CSI can provide resources to impact organisations that may not have the bandwidth to experiment with new technologies on their own.

Episodes to explore to learn more about this:


A. Environmental Stewardship
To protect the environment, we organize programmes like mangrove nursery and Reforestation, Coastal and River Clean-Up, Community Based Environmental Solid Waste Management, Environmental IEC Campaign and Eco-Academy

B. Food Security and Sustainable Livelihood
To ensure a sustainable livelihood for the community, eco-tourism include Buhatan River Cruise Visitor Center Buhatan River Mangrove Boardwalk are run by the community. Others include Organic Vegetable and Root crops Farming, Vegetable and Root crops Chips and by-products Processing and establishing a Zero waste store.

C. Empowered Communities
To empower the community, we provide product and Agri-Enterprise Development Training, Immersion and Learnings Exchange Program, Earth Warrior Training and Community Based Social Entrepreneurship Training


AVPN Academy Team


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