AVPN Promotes Venture Philanthropy in China


January 8, 2015


AVPN’s executive vice-chairman, Andrew Muirhead, gave a presentation to the SVP China group recently on a trip to Beijing. The gathering included members of SVP Beijing, representatives from the private equity and private banking sector and local foundations, all who were very excited to learn more about venture philanthropy. There was a great buzz to find out the differences with impact investing and the spectrum of possibilities within the social investing world.

S5 stage

Andrew also spoke to the government officials and GO, NGOs at the China Charity Forum on the new trends in philanthropy in Asia. The crowd was especially excited to find out more on overseas models and how these could be applied and replicated within the Chinese market. AVPN continues to grow our presence in many parts of Asia, including key countries like China. If you would like to know more about our activity and plans for China, please contact stacey@avpn.asia

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Alfred Poon Tech and Data Lead AVPN

Alfred Poon is Technology Lead of AVPN.

He is a geek by nature, adman by passion, and holds a Masters in Nonprofit Communications from Indiana University. Alfred spends his time building communications infrastructure that brings people together. Prior to joining AVPN, Alfred has consulted for Social Purpose Organisations in over thirty countries, bringing his unconventional mix of nimble technology to enable data driven communications.