British Council Survey: What Support Services Do Social Enterprises Need in Your Country?


Tran Ngo


March 19, 2015

A community social enterprise in Indonesia that received support through British Council's social enterprise programme
A community social enterprise in Indonesia that received support through British Council’s social enterprise programme

Our partner, the British Council, seeks your help in answering this question by taking part in a short online survey.

The survey asks about the provision of support for social enterprises around the world.

It focuses particularly on digital support services to help new and existing social enterprises, as well as organisations that support the sector’s growth – such as AVPN, to grow and thrive.

Digital services could include:

  • Online discussion groups and forums
  • Digital training modules
  • Advice on management, areas such as marketing and fundraising
  • Access to mentoring and funding opportunities
  • Examples of best practice
  • Chances to trade, provide services and franchise overseas
  • Building international networks

The survey takes about five minutes to complete and we would be very grateful if you would take part.

The results will help the British Council and its partners foster the growth of social enterprise in the UK and globally, notably through the provision of digital services.


The British Council operates a Global Social Enterprise programme that builds capacity in the sector, forges international networks, and supports policy leaders to create ecosystems in which social enterprise and social investment can thrive.

It has partnered with AVPN on our annual conference and on the UK portion of the AVPN European Study Tour.

For further information about the survey, please email

And to find out more about the British Council’s social enterprise programme, please visit its Guardian Partner Zone.