Job site drives volunteering campaign


January 8, 2015

JobStreet, an Asia-focused job portal founded in 1997, has developed a volunteer project to help connect potential volunteers to organisations, which it will launch shortly. “I always wanted to be a company that can serve everyone in society, and not a company that only cares about making money,” says Mark Chang, CEO of the company. He says the motivating factors in setting up this platform are manifold. In the modern world, success is usually viewed through the prism of how much one earns. “It is very easy to get self-centred and too engrossed in only making money,” Mark says. As such, it is his hope that through this volunteer project, “we can encourage young adults to take a more balanced approach and not only care about getting the next big pay cheque”. JobStreet’s volunteer platform is a way to encourage the portal’s 900,000 members in Singapore to contribute to society through volunteering their time. For the time being, the focus is on introducing non-professional volunteer projects so that more people can volunteer. Most of the volunteer opportunities on the platform do not require any prior volunteer experience or any specific skill set.The project had a soft launch on 6 September and a full, official launch is expected later this year. Check out the volunteer projects that are already published here. The company is working closely with AVPN, the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, and SE Association for this project. Mark says the plan is to take this platform beyond Singapore and to introduce it in phases to all of the 12 million members in its database.

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