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APAC Sustainability Solutions Lab

Empowering the sustainable future of the Asia-Pacific region through capacity building for technology-driven solutions.

About the Lab

The Sustainability Solutions Lab, is where innovation meets action to address pressing sustainability challenges across the Asia-Pacific region. Through the Sustainability Seed Fund 1.0 & 2.0, AVPN with the support of Google.org and ADB have been able to provide support to non-profit organisations that are at the forefront of driving change through sustainable innovation. Now, this Lab emerges as an invaluable resource hub, offering non-financial assistance in technology and communication to further enhance the impact of grantees from the Sustainability Seed Fund 1.0 & 2.0. Our holistic approach includes technical capacity building, the development of impactful case studies, and fostering dialogue through engaging roundtable discussions with stakeholders.

This Lab aims to strategically amplify the impact of the previous Sustainability Seed Funds by ensuring that grantees not only receive financial support but also benefit from capacity building, visibility enhancement, and the creation of a supportive ecosystem for the effective utilisation of advanced technologies to address sustainability issues in Asia.

Support Offered

Selected grantees of the APAC Sustainability Seed Fund 1.0 & 2.0 will gain access to a comprehensive range of support, including:

Technical Capacity Building driven by grantees' needs assessment reviews

Developing Impactful Case Studies to support effective communication around their impact.

Roundtables / Research where grantees can contribute to sharing insights that will inform decision making around the impact of advanced and innovative technologies in tackling sustainability issues in Asia Pacific


The overarching outcome of the Lab is to increase visibility of successful grantees, empowering them to build a compelling narrative that showcases the use of advanced technologies in addressing key sustainability issues and communicate the value of Sustainability Seed Fund to a wider audience, including social investors, government and other key stakeholders.

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