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Executive Management

Title:      Oyun Foundation Director
Time requirement:   50 to 60% initially with a view to ramp up to full time within 12 to 18 months
Location:    Singapore as the base; travel within Southeast Asia (SEA) and Mongolia required
Salary:     Competitive salary

Oyun Foundation is a private family foundation based in Switzerland and Singapore.
Over the next 2‐3 years the foundation will mainly focus on supporting communities in the ger‐district of Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), while also supporting potential projects in SEA on an opportunistic basis.

The Foundation is in its early development stage but aims to develop over the coming years into a fully independent self‐standing foundation. It has already been involved with 3 projects in Mongolia some of which are ongoing and would therefore be part of the focus for the role. It is also involved in 2 other projects: one covering clean energy and water solutions in SEA and one piloting innovative solutions to specific social issues in Singapore.

These are current philanthropic projects of the foundation:

  • Mandalgovi community based learning center, part of the Bookbridge network (
  • Children Ger – an independent school in UB’s ger district for children and youth that have dropped out of the main state run school system. It aims bring the children back into the main stream education system.
  • Ger Plug‐in project in collaboration with RUF (Rural Urban Framework) and gerhub ( The Ger Plug‐in project is currently setting up a ger prototype to provide an alternative mean of meeting the needs of the ger district residents. The prototype is a series of modular units that attach to the ger and individually deal with heating, sewage, sanitation and water.

Current impact investing activities of the foundation:

  • Pioneer Facility (South East Asia): The mission of the Pioneer Facility is to provide affordable working capital for enterprises producing and distributing sustainable energy, clean water and sanitation solutions to low income populations in developing countries in Asia and Africa. Its positioning is unique as it prioritizes the scaling phase of enterprises working on energy access and seeks to facilitate access to adequate financing while providing the appropriate impact measurement tools.
  • Pioneering Venture Philanthropy Fund (Singapore) aims to improve social impact in Singapore through both financial and non‐financial investments over time. The fund focuses on 5 specific programs in the fields of assistance of vulnerable employees, educational programs for disadvantaged students, support of senior widows in the process of grief and community‐based support of single parents in the community.

Summary of key functions and responsibilities

As the director, you are expected to provide comprehensive support to enable a successful planning and implementation of the foundations future philanthropy. To that end, you bring a broad set of experience and skills along with a highest level of personal integrity and professionalism. It is self‐understood that your personal motivation should derive from wanting to make a positive difference to societies, especially to vulnerable communities. Main responsibilities will include:

  • As the director of Oyun Foundation you are the main face and representation of the foundation in Singapore and Southeast Asia.
  • Building relationships with and raise awareness among active foundations in the space, philanthropist organizations/associations, philanthropists, government agencies, NGOs, foreign aid agencies and corporates.
  • Identifying potential relevant projects that meet the Foundation’s mission statement and evaluation criteria and perform on the ground due diligence and fact finding missions
  • Liaising, monitoring and reporting on ongoing projects or potential initiatives and manage partnerships as well as providing support for specific projects on a case by case basis
  • Communicating with the foundation board through board meetings, updates and reporting.
    o Follow and provide updates to relevant changes, trends and developments in the activity areas of Oyun Foundation
    o Produce quarterly reporting on ongoing projects and foundation activities
  • Fulfilling any administrative requirements for Oyun Foundation
  • Liaising and managing the local representative in Mongolia and other future team members of Oyun Foundation

Key Relationships

  • The family, based in Singapore
  • The global representative based initially in Switzerland
  • Local representative based in Mongolia
  • Other country representatives may be hired in the future and will form part of the global team


We expect exceptional candidates with an equally high commitment; willingness and ability to proactively seek ways to contribute value to the foundation’s philanthropic vision and that understand continuous learning and developing as an opportunity. Given the highly explorative nature of this role the you ideally bring an inherent proficiency in shaping your own work environment based on a natural preference for self‐guidance and a proactive, performance‐driven and end‐result oriented working style.

Required competencies

  • Demonstrates integrity and sharing in the Oyun Foundation values and mission
  • Ability to operate independently and to self‐manage
  • Ability to analyze and summarize in written reports findings related to general country trends as well as specific projects and initiatives
  • Ability to translate a theory of change into concrete implementation
  • Ability to further detailing of the future philanthropic focus and learning goals of the foundation
  • Ability to translate the theory of change into capacity and capability requirements and the resulting organizational requirements. Based on those requirements the development of an organizational blueprint including processes
  • Ability to build strong relationships with all stakeholders
  • Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills in English (additional Language is highly welcome eg. French or Mongolian)
  • Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities and multicultural working parties

Required qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years relevant senior work experience in the foundation/ social sector where the applicant has demonstrated strong analytical and organizational skills and an ability to work across different cultures effectively
  • University degree – BA or above
  • Experience in an international and professional setting
  • Fluency/proficiency in spoken and written English required
  • Computer literacy

We look forward to receiving your application. Please send a CV with photo and motivation letter to

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