Who We Are

Tri Sector Associates is a not-for-profit social enterprise whose mission is to create systems that enable more effective social innovation. By doing so, we hope to help solve the most complex social problems facing our generation.

We pursue our mission by creating new collaboration models such as Pay For Success (PFS) across Asia that deliver benefits to each sector: government only funds what works; non-profits have the chance to test new bottom-up solutions; and private funders deploy their capital in a catalytic fashion to stimulate change.

We are supported by leading venture philanthropists and the Economic Development Board. Our collaborators, Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc, are the leading US firm in launching PFS projects.

Our projects to date include launching the first PFS project in Greater China and the first Social Impact Guarantee in the world, and have spanned the gamut of early childhood intervention, youth unemployment, recidivism, healthcare, eldercare, and sustainability. We believe we are only just getting started.

What you will do

Our work has been likened to “CrossFit for the mind”: a mixture of policy analysis, strategy consulting, investment banking, and non-profit capacity building to provide end-end support in launching successful projects.

We are looking for a dynamic Project Leader to join our offices in Singapore. This role is a full-time position based in Singapore, with a target start date of July / August 2021. There will be a six-month initial probation period before confirmation.

Amongst your core responsibilities will be:

1. Leading and conducting engagements focused on tri-sector work:

2. Creating new opportunities:

3. Supporting firm-building initiatives:

In addition, there will be opportunities to manage relationships with senior clients and represent the firm at thought leadership opportunities around the region.

Every day at Tri-Sector is different, but an example day could be that you may run a focus group discussion for a social service agency, draft slides for a webinar, lead due diligence for a potential funder, prepare a research note on a new topic for a client, and attend meetings with government agencies.

Why You Should Join Us

Our team members come from leading institutions across the sectors, and are committed to creating a unique organization where we can each achieve professional growth and personal self-actualization.

Each team member gets to:

1. Constantly build new skills and develop themselves. We hire A players from each sector, and then cross-train them in the best practices of other sectors.
2. Use their past experience in new ways. We appreciate what each team member can bring to the table. We have public policy experts, strategy consultants, social entrepreneurs, and quantitative PhDs each contributing their talents and experience to our mission.
3. Exercise autonomy and control over their own fate. We build the organization together – everyone has a role in setting the firm’s strategy and major decisions. If you don’t like something, you will be part of fixing it.
4. Work with people who really care. We wake up each day thinking about how we can do better for the people we serve and push the system towards more impact. We hold ourselves and each other to account for that.
5. Directly see their personal delta. Each team member’s work will often mean the difference between something impactful happening in the world – or not. The buck stops with you, so when you look back, you will be able to say: “I did that”.

What We Are Looking For

Successful Project Leaders will have demonstrated:

The following attributes would be a significant advantage:

The following attributes would be an advantage:

Candidates with these skills and attributes will typically have had 4+ years of experience from backgrounds in the Singapore government, management consulting, or investment banking. However, we believe that there are a diversity of settings where these skills can be developed, and are open to considering candidates from different backgrounds. To us, what matters more is: what have you actually done,
and what could you achieve with us if given the opportunity?

How to Apply

To apply, please submit your resume together with answers to the following questions in a short cover letter. Your resume should set out your educational background, work experience, skills, and work authorisation / citizenship status.

1. What draws you to our work?
2. What experience and skills do you bring to the table which can support our work in Singapore and the region?
3. If you could choose one issue area to do a PFS project in, which would you choose and why?
4. What 3 key obstacles do you see to creating the PFS project in your selected issue, and how would you mitigate or overcome these obstacles?
5. Where did you see the job advertisement?

Our interviews generally span 3 rounds, including a phone interview, cases for you to have a sense of the work which we do, and a chance to meet members of the team to understand if we are a good mutual fit. Due to the high volume of applications, we
regret that we will only be able to notify shortlisted candidates.

Candidates may submit their applications to careers@trisector.org, subject line: [Project Leader – Singapore] [April 2021] [Your name]. Applications will be accepted until 9 May 2021 and be processed thereafter. Only submissions sent to this email address will be considered.