Epic Foundation

Successful in integrating monitoring and evaluation throughout the value chain: they are able to connect impact measurement upstream to their Due Diligence process and are fully integrated for monitoring downstream to allow for smart connection and experience of donors of their impact. In the process of piloting a innovative, web-based system that will provide full integration of Epic’s monitoring system with that of their SPOs.


Have a robust method of due diligence collecting information on 15 parameters, which are used for their IA system to track the SPOs performance. Have standardised assessment method for all grantees customised depending on organisation (social enterprises v/s NGOs). Methodology allows for rigorous comparison of SPOs during due diligence and monitoring.

Epic advocates for working across silos and actively leverages the insights of partner organisations to look for additionality and complementarity to Epic Foundation in the impact assessment.


Conducted extensive review of existing frameworks and learnt from many organisations such as Robin Hood Foundation (USA), Dasra (India), Echoing Green (USA), OECD and UN.


Epic is mindful of the SPOs time and worked to design a system of collecting and storing information that is efficient and user friendly. At Due Diligence, 15 parameters are decided on. SPOs then continue to fill information for the same 15 parameters in simple web based forms.

Their overall approach is a highly collaborative exercise with supported SPOs.
This intended purpose is to understand what is working on the ground as a key information for the SPO, Epic and its donors. Epic invests heavily in IA and believes “we should put our money where our mouth is”. Epic believes that for funding high impact organisations it is imperative to measure the impact rigorously and be ready to bear the costs.


In 2016, will launch their Impact App (a mobile application) that will let the donors track the impact of their philanthropy investments. The app will provide access to leading performance indicator, pictures and stories about supported SPOs.