Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund

Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund has developed its customised version of impact assessment using theory of change and logic models and widely available tools like Excel. The Fund develops key performance indicators with its portfolio organisations during due diligence to ensure alignment.


Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund (JVPF) is managed by the Nippon Foundation and Social Investment Partners, who jointly fund and support organisations with pro bono partners such as Bain & Company Japan, Inc., Clifford Chance Law Office and VOX Global Japan K.K.
During due diligence, JVPF supports candidates to build a mid-term management plan including a social impact creation plan.
After investment, investees’ reports are customised to each organisation, although some are in the same sector (e.g. education), because beneficiaries and social impact vary in each organisation.


JVPF uses the theory of change and logic model to define milestones towards the organisation’s longterm goal. Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund and the investees develop KPIs together.


Investment only occurs when the investee has an understanding of its beneficiaries and social impact. Due diligence can take three to six months.
After investment, different metrics are reviewed monthly, quarterly and yearly. Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund uses excel for storing and analyzing data.


Quarterly and annual reports to communicate the social impact data to its stakeholders. Multiple events per year to report social impact to existing and potential donors.

More at: https://avpn.asia/2015/08/11/capacity-building-japan-venture-philanthropy-fund/