Nexus for Development

About Nexus for Development

Nexus for Development provides Integrated Finance Solutions to support the scale-up and impact of enterprises.

Nexus for Development drives access to finance in developing economies across Asia to increase sustainable energy and water resource development, advance low-carbon solutions, and scale local implementers.

Nexus facilitates dialogue between stakeholders, among those investors and entrepreneurs, to advance societies towards a sustainable, carbon-free economy, guaranteeing the preservation of natural resources.


Fund management: Nexus for Development addresses financing gaps by designing and deploying innovative solutions that blend traditional development funding, debt finance, impact investment, and climate finance to provide solutions to market barriers. Their financings range from USD 10,000 to 500,000.

Carbon Finance service: Nexus for Development engages implementers that require a key source of funding for their enterprises to scale by leveraging the Carbon Market and providing a full range of support from project certification to carbon asset management.

Consultancy offering: Nexus for Development ensures that the enterprises we support are generating positive social and environmental impacts. They leverage frameworks and methodologies to provide organizations with critical insights and data to support their decision-making process.

Their technical consultancy work includes environmental impact studies, market and feasibility studies, carbon footprint assessments, energy efficiency audits, impact measurement.


United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Gold Standard, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, SROI, IRIS+.


Carbon Finance

Nexus assesses the carbon emission reduction potential of a project and help project developers pass the stages of certification processes with compliance and voluntary carbon standards such as the Gold Standard, CDM or VCS.

The scope of their carbon certification services includes: Feasibility Project screening including cost-benefit analysis, Design and Registration Project design and carbon standard validation, Audit and Issuance Monitoring compliance (sampling protocol and survey design), verification assistance as well as communication with third parties such as auditors

Impact Investing

Nexus develops and manages new ways to finance social enterprises producing and distributing sustainable energy, clean water, and sanitation solutions to low-income and underserved communities in Southeast Asia. It targets market-based approaches with a medium-term vision of financial sustainability, that will contribute to achieve positive social and/or environmental outcomes.


In the website, social media and brochures, they are presenting their solutions, portfolio and impact results, including references to the four main SDGs their services are contributing to, namely SDG 6 – Clean water and sanitation, SDG 7 – Affordable and clean energy, SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth, SDG 13 – Climate action.

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