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July 3, 2017

Better to give …

At the AVPN Conference 2017, CEO Naina Batra, shares the challenges that the social investing community are facing.
Nonetheless, AVPN can help funders and resource providers collaboratively leverage on opportunities to maximise financial and social returns.
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Bangkok Post
June 30, 2017

Asia gets wise to ‘art of giving’

“When the head of a Chinese charity spoke at the AVPN Conference 2017 in June, he struck a positive chord in the ballroom because of his charity’s record of doling out millions of dollars for worthy causes”.
Nikkei Asian Review sheds light on charity and donating, specifically in China, as well as growing potential for philanthropy in the region.

Nikkei Asian Review
June 28, 2017

Seven things we learned from the AVPN Landscape reports

Pioneer Post shares key takeaways from AVPN’s ‘Social Investment Landscape in Asia’ report, by providing a holistic view of the current and emerging philanthropy and social investment landscape in Asia.

Pioneers Post
June 26, 2017

How China’s social enterprises can prosper alongside the country’s state-run businesses

In China’s effort to alleviate poverty, this article highlights the importance of building social enterprises’ capacity.
The World Economic Forum shares key findings from the Social Investment Landscape in Asia report.

World Economic Forum
June 23, 2017

The NextGen Billionaire Next Door Measures Impact In People, Not Dollars

Find out how AVPN can guide the next generation of wealth to deploy family capital for social good.

Huffington Post
June 20, 2017

Bigger, broader, and on a roll – the 2017 AVPN conference

At the AVPN Conference 2017, Alliance Magazine reflects on the diversity of international delegates – in terms of countries, gender, causes, and social investing approaches.

Alliance Magazine
June 12, 2017

A social investment ecosystem emerges in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar

ImpactAlpha caught up with AVPN and Sattva consulting at the AVPN Conference 2017 to discuss the landscape for social investing in 14 Asian countries.
The interview focuses particularly on Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Impact Alpha
June 9, 2017


Peng T. Ong is the Chairman of SolveEducation!, a non-profit organisation that focuses on making high quality education accessible to everyone.

As a keynote speaker at the AVPN Conference 2017, Peng’s transcript on education can be found here

Monk's Hill Ventures
June 9, 2017

Building social ventures in South Korea: A Q&A with Crevisse’s Wonyoung Kim

ImpactAlpha caught up with Kim at the AVPN Conference 2017.
Find out how Crevisse’s portfolio encourages “co-building”, or venture building, to support companies using technology to create positive benefits for society in South Korea.

Impact Alpha
June 9, 2017

Traditional forms of philanthropy being replaced by a more market-based solutions approach: Roopa Kudva

At the AVPN Conference 2017, Live Mint shares an interview with Omidyar Network MD Roopa Kudva on why India is a favoured destination for impact investing and social entrepreneurship.
Kudva also shares ways to deal with talent crunch in the development sector.

Live Mint
June 8, 2017

Q & A with Annie Chen: The path to a 100% sustainable and mission-aligned portfolio

Through the AVPN conference 2017, Impact Alpha was able to catch up with Annie Chen, founder of RS Group.
Read on to find out about RS Group’s approach to impact investing, their work with fund managers, and issues that come along with expanding investments.

Impact Alpha
June 1, 2017

Meet the social investors of AVPN

AVPN hosts the largest gathering of key philanthropists and social investors in Asia. Find out which key ecosystem players are attending and speaking at the conference.
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Pioneers Post
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