AVPN March Webinar: Empowering Livelihoods for Women and Climate Change

Women in Asia, especially among poor communities, face significant economic, social and cultural barriers in securing livelihoods. They are inhibited by their socio-economic status, cultural norms as well as their low awareness about markets, making it a high-barrier to entry for women to work and earn in sustainable livelihoods. What are the realities, barriers and…Full Article

AVPN February Webinar: FSG Inclusive Markets and its Program to Improve Private Preschool Education (PIPE)

Investing in high quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) could provide the highest return on investment for promoting economic growth. The impact of high quality ECE is often more pronounced for children from low-income families than those from more advantaged families. Children from low-income households often do not have the benefit of supportive learning environments at…Full Article

AVPN January Webinar Recording: Lessons learnt about Impact Investing

Interest in the impact investment market is growing rapidly and has gained traction among a wide range of investors, including large-scale financial institutions, pension funds, family offices, private wealth managers, foundations, and individuals. There is a diverse range of impact investment funds available from impact first, mostly impact, blended, all the way to finance first….Full Article

AVPN December Webinar Recording: Landscape of Education and Technology in Asia

Despite significant progress over the years, the Asian school systems are struggling to ensure student learning across grade levels. Across Asian countries, where the education ecosystem faces multiple challenges in quality and delivery of education, technology offers the potential to bridge the learning divide. In this context, edtech has seen rapid expansion with the potential to transform…Full Article