AVPN January Webinar Recording: Lessons learnt about Impact Investing

Interest in the impact investment market is growing rapidly and has gained traction among a wide range of investors, including large-scale financial institutions, pension funds, family offices, private wealth managers, foundations, and individuals. There is a diverse range of impact investment funds available from impact first, mostly impact, blended, all the way to finance first….Full Article

AVPN December Webinar Recording: Landscape of Education and Technology in Asia

Despite significant progress over the years, the Asian school systems are struggling to ensure student learning across grade levels. Across Asian countries, where the education ecosystem faces multiple challenges in quality and delivery of education, technology offers the potential to bridge the learning divide. In this context, edtech has seen rapid expansion with the potential to transform…Full Article

AVPN November Webinar recording: Hardware Pioneers-Harness the Impact Potential of Technology Entrepreneurs

Technology can be a powerful driver to push forward humanity’s development. Hardware Pioneers — inventors and entrepreneurs creating breakthrough products tailored to the needs of developing countries — are leading this charge. From milk chilling machines to solar home systems, insecticide-treated bed nets and automatic irrigation systems — hardware pioneers are pushing the frontiers of technology and business to create and…Full Article

AVPN October Webinar recording: Do Well and Do Good

RS Group, a Hong Kong-based family office, started an audacious journey five years ago to align all of its assets to the mission of contributing to sustainable development. Fast forward to 2016, RS Group have developed the “Total Portfolio Management Approach” and achieved their targeted financial returns with 100% sustainably invested assets to deliver on the family’s mission. The webinar provided…Full Article