Terms & Conditions

AVPN Global Conference 2023 Ticket Terms and Conditions

1. The AVPN Global Conference will be held in person at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 20 to 22 June 2023.

2. Since 2022, AVPN has transitioned to a new membership tiering structure. Members in good standing can purchase discounted member tickets USD985 per ticket, subject to availability.

3. The AVPN Global Conference is open exclusively to funders and resource providers. Following an expression of interest, all registrants must receive a confirmation email from AVPN before they complete their registration to secure the Member (USD985) / Early Bird (USD1,245) / Standard ticket (USD1,970) / Impact Investing Day (USD1,500) tickets.

4. EVPA / AVPA / Latimpacto members will be able to purchase discounted partner tickets at USD1,245.

5. Delegate tickets are non-transferable without prior approval in writing from AVPN. Tickets are only transferable to people within the same member organisation and should be cancelled if not used. Please inform us of any transfer requests via events@avpn.asia at least 2 weeks before the event commences.

6. Refunds
  • Should AVPN cancel the conference, we will refund the full ticket price paid, but will have no liability for any related costs incurred by delegates, including domestic or international travel and accommodation expenses that are made in relation to the event
  • No refunds will be provided for cancellations or no-show

7. Your safety
  • We reserve the right to impose health and safety related protocols which delegates must comply with while attending the Global Conference, including but not limited to physical distancing measures, the use of face coverings, present a verified complete COVID-19 vaccination status at a minimum of 14 days prior to the departure, and to undertake any testing that we might consider appropriate or that we might be required to perform. Any delegates who refuse or fail to comply with such conditions may have their tickets cancelled, be refused entry or removed from the Global Conference.

8. The AVPN conference is subject to a general “no fundraising” policy:
  • No direct or persistent soliciting of funding towards delegates and
  • No distribution of pitch books, flyers or other direct solicitation materials

9. Privacy