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Collaborating for Social Impact


The Constellations Awards celebrate the remarkable ways in which social investors across Asia collaborate to address the complex challenges of our times.

Asia is big, diverse, and complex – and so are its challenges. Our members meet those challenges by collaborating to pioneer solutions at scale.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the cracks in economies and the social sector but the social investment sector has responded unflinchingly to the unfolding crisis in the short term, and is nurturing systemic solutions for the long run. Our members have established shared aims and harnessed the strengths of different stakeholders to meet the moment with imaginative action. The Constellations Awards 2020 celebrate the ingenuity and effectiveness of our members.

The projects we recognise in the Constellations Awards are inspiring, but more importantly, they are action-oriented. We seek to illuminate the ripples of positive impact they have triggered, share their game-changing point of view, and provide these projects new means of accessing capital.

5 collaborative solutions

In 2020, we are proud to recognise 5 outstanding collaborative solutions that are addressing complex problems of our times.


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