AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


100% Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

Saathi manufactures 100% biodegradable and compostable all-natural sanitary pads from banana fiber. We create impact which affects women health , community and environment.

1001fontaines Water Kiosk

Establishes a self-sustaining water kiosk in a rural community in Cambodia that provides direct access to clean water to improve the health and livelihood of community members.

2-Day Free Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Young Founders School is a free startup bootcamp who take high school students from ideation to pitch deck and pitching real venture capitalists in just 36 hours with emphasis on changing mindsets.

40K PLUS English Literacy Program

PLUS English uses low-cost technology to make English language learning accessible to rural Cambodian primary & secondary schools. This project aims to extend the program to 250 schools over 3 years.

Addressing Malnourishment in Children

Addresses malnourishment in children under 6 years of age through a PPP model of nutrition supplementation, growth monitoring, training of childcare workers and parents in Mumbai, India.

Adolescent Empowerment (AEP)

Empowers adolescents in India through an advocacy programme that ensures equal rights and access to healthcare and education.

Affordable Housing

Expanding the affordable housing in Vietnam where the housing demand is rapidly increasing.

Agastya: Increasing access to practical learning in schools

Agastya International Foundation is a Non-Profit in India, that sparks curiosity in economically disadvantaged government school children towards a practical hands-on Science education, and provides training to school teachers in hands on pedagogy.


Aglonera is a digital platform that helps small food businesses (profit margin less than USD 12 per day) in Indonesia to get more profit and reduce their time burden when doing business.

Agrasar: Center for Employability

At Agrasar, our program seeks to prepare the youth not just for entry level jobs but also for long-term progression in their careers.

AI Based Remote Heart Monitoring Solution

Our solution enables medical professionals to monitor patients’ heart rhythms on a remote basis based on our wireless wearable devices and to diagnose arrhythmia more accurately with our AI analytics.

Air Pollution Protection & Education

Smart Air is a clean air workshop program that teaches people how to protect themselves from air pollution. We target those living in cities in Asia, of whom 90% breathe polluted air on an ongoing basis.

Akha Ama Coffee Tokyo, Japan

Akha Ama Friends Trade

Akha Ama Coffee aims to establish Akha Ama Coffee Tokyo to expand market for coffee producers in Thailand. This project will be benefited to many agriculturists and encourage to apply more sustainable agricultural practices.

Amoli : Gainful Employment

Amoli Handicrafts began as a urgent need to to provide viable job opportunities to survivors of trafficking. We provide survivors with a steady income source while in the process developing their skills.

Anudip Foundation: Women in Technology

Anudip’s Women in Tech programme develops technology-driven skills for at-risk young women between 18-30 years from very conservative and deprived backgrounds, building a pathway to secure sustainable digital livelihoods.

APOWA: Action for Protection of Wild Animals

Action for Protection of Wild Animals is a Non-Profit that partners with local communities in Odisha, India, to work towards environmental sustainability, wildlife protection and livelihood promotion on a grassroot level.

Applied Tech for the Good of Fishermen

We started our project with an idea to tackle poverty specifically in the coastal communities using an app to help traditional fishermen get higher catch rate that will lead to improvement of life.

Asian University for Women (AUW): Empowering Women

The Asian University for Women (AUW) seeks to educate and empower women who will become skilled and innovative professionals, service-orientated leaders in their businesses and communities, and promoters of sustainable development in Asia.

Backstreet Academy: P2P Platform for Impact Travel

Backstreet Academy is a peer-to-peer impact travel platform for developing countries with the mission of alleviating poverty through micro-entrepreneurship in the tourism industry. It works closely with disadvantaged communities.


BagoSphere assists rural youth in The Philippines to become more employable by designing competency-based programs connecting students directly with employers. BagoSphere wants to expand the program to other cities.

Bareebo: Ponds for Organic Farms in Cambodia

Creating ponds for organic farms in Cambodia for 20 families with year-round access to 1,000 m³, increasing each family’s productive output, improving their quality of life, and generating higher annual incomes.

Be Inclusive Asia-Pacific Pilot

A business training and certification ecosystem for improving business bottomline by diversifying customer-bases and workplaces.


Brings mobile-delivered insurance and health services to low-income families in emerging markets.

BNET-Tech: STICKu Smart Walking Stick

STICKu is a multifunctional technologically-equipped walking stick, aimed at providing high-quality aid to those who require walking assistance and allow the users to understand their body status.

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