AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Breast Cancer Network Vietnam

BCNV intends to build a “Wig Library” by promoting hair donations, constructing wigs, and working together with The Social Work Department of Oncology Hospital to disseminate information and support cancer patients.

Bring Solar Light to BoP Worldwide

Power-Solution has been developing and manufacturing world-class, affordable solar lighting to 4.2 million BoP households across 63 countries.

Buddy HomeCare programme

Buddy Homecare Programme provides quality home based care for older persons and simultaneously seeks to train more young people to become care assistants – generating incomes for the youth and care for the elderly.

Cadasta Platform

Provides easy-to-use digital tools and technology designed to help its partners efficiently document, analyze, store, and share critical land and resource rights information in Bangladesh.

Career Connect Programme (CCP)

The CCP equips 15-23-year-olds with opportunities and life skills to navigate adolescence and make a healthy transition to adulthood through various workshops.

Cau Han Social Project

Cau Han Social Project seeks to establish a student’s club for children who come from disadvantaged migrant communities and maintain a scholarship program enabling them to obtain education.

Childhood to Livelihood Program

Improves employability of 600 adolescent girls from underprivileged households in Karnataka, India through an integrated education programme that helps the girls complete their formal education.

Clean Air Network

Clean Air Network educates the Hong Kong public on the impact of air pollution. It is the city’s principal voice and network working to enable positive change in air quality policies.

Clean Cooking Solutions Programme Nepal

The project aims to distribute 500,000 improved cookstoves in Nepal, with the aim of improving the lives of villagers, reducing deforestation, and offsetting carbon emissions.

Clean Water for School Children

Blue Dragon is installing water filtration systems for schools in remote mountainous regions in Vietnam’s Dien Bien provinces to improve students’ access to clean water.

Clinical Reproductive Health Service Delivery

Supports women and young people through providing comprehensive contraceptive counseling and free high quality clinical services to address high rates of Teen Pregnancy and HIV in the Philippines.

Comfort Me Global Franchise Project

Comfort Me is looking for global partners to serve as franchisees to the Comfort Me brand. By becoming a franchisee, global partners can help provide affordable lingerie to breast cancer survivors.

Community Childminding Program

To create a trusted network of peer-to-peer home-based child-minders located and afforded easily by women from the low-income community, so that more low-income women can return to the workforce.

Community-Based Emotion Support Digital Platform

Acceset works with research institutions and clinical psychologists to develop training programs and equip the community with skills to support each other via a digital platform. Additionally, the platform also facilitates friendship matching between anonymous users who mutually appreciate each other’s anonymous content.

ComMutiny-The Youth Collective (CYC)

The CYC project works with young people – interacting with them on a program established for young social entrepreneurs – supporting them to grow into socially responsible individuals.

Connecting Education to Employment

Empowers youths in India to make informed decisions about their career, enabling them to transform their passion into gainful employment.

Convert Agricultural Wastes into Energy for Philippines

HiGi envisions to enable more F&Bs businesses to use sustainable products with attractive value proposition offering. HiGi assists small-scale producers to produce high-quality charcoal efficiently enabling the economies of scale, impacting the environment and alleviating poverty.

Creating a Sustainable Food Ecosystem

An award-winning social enterprise that aims to create a more sustainable food eco-system through transforming idling spaces into urban farms, and providing training and vocational opportunities.

CRIBS Foundation, Inc.

Runs residential facilities for abandoned or surrendered babies and sexually abused young girls in Manila for them to have a safer and healthier environment.


Crowde wants to assist Indonesian farmers escape the cycle of indebtedness by preventing low-income farmers from becoming the subjects of loan sharks and creating a platform connecting farmers and reliable investors.

Dana Cita Student Loans

Offers affordable student loans to current and aspiring tertiary students in Indonesia through forming partnerships with accredited tertiary institutions.

Developmental Play for All Children

Giving children the best start in life for the best chance in life by training the adults who support them in best global practice in child development.

Digital Youth Centre

To reach game-addicted and hard-to-reach Internet youths (age 13-35) by leveraging 8000 sq. ft. and online celebrities 2 million+ subscribers for digital youth centre.

Dignity Kitchen

Dignity Kitchen is Singapore’s first hawker training school that equips disabled and disadvantaged people with culinary skills to be employed in the food industry.

Disaster Preparedness in Ayeyarwady Region

The Disaster Preparedness in Ayeyarwady Region project will implement essential activities relating to disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction in storm-hit villages; Saving lives and livelihood assets as well as improving living standards.

Disaster Ready Community to Combat Climate Change

Disaster Ready Community requires community participation for disaster risk reduction to solve major social and environment problems like drinking water, electricity, natural resource management and climate adaptive livelihood and houses.

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