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3.2.1 Provides training to teachers, as well as easy, and quick to deploy solutions that visibly boost teacher performances and increase learning and motivation in the classroom.


3.2.1 Education Foundation

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Central Square Foundation

Central Square Foundation’s aims to achieve transformational standards of excellence for the Indian school education system.

Market of Implementation

  • India


At 3.2.1 we believe there are two foundational problems:
  1. How do you maximize the potential of one child?
  2. How do you maximize the potential of every child?


321-pictureThe strategy for making our vision and mission come alive is to set up a center of excellence to develop best practices in education and to develop latforms, products, and services which leverage knowledge from the center of excellence to spread to the broader education system. Center of Excellence 5 years ago, we started a model school in Mumbai  to push the bar of quality education. By retaining a strong cohort of teachers focused on strong planning and delivering high quality instruction, the first 3.2.1 school to serves as a ‘belief center’ to truly show the level of quality education that is possible for all students across India. Platforms, Products, and Services 321 Post3.2.1 plans to scale its impact by leveraging the model school to create products, platforms, and services that are shareable with the  larger education system. The outcome of this would ultimately be widespread adoption of educational products developed through the model school, and through that, impact on many more students across India. Currently, through the Sustained Mastery Program (SMP), we are developing a professional development model for educators to assist in the teaching and learning processes. Private schools currently reach a large and growing number of disadvantaged students, and giving their teachers, high-quality professional development represents an enormous opportunity to improve educational outcomes for students across India. The first teacher-training program began on July 1, 2014. 12 teachers from affordable private schools in Mumbai underwent three days of intensive sessions to learn and practice behavioral techniques honed and developed at 3.2.1. So far we have worked with over 250 educators from 40+ schools in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Over the course of this year, we plan to train over a 1000 teachers across India. Over the next five years we plan to reach 100,000 teachers.

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