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Co-farming is a paradigm shift for smallholder farmers in ASEAN, providing access to modern technologies, knowledge and skills, to grow more with less at zero capital investment.



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Smallholder farmers grow 80% of the food consumed by Asia. 65% of them would be retired in 10 years time. By 2030, there will be not enough smallholder farmers to produce food for 8.6 billion world population. Traditional farming is no longer sufficient, not sustainable and not profitable enough for the next generation’s aspirations for higher standards of living. Modern farming for smallholders face commonly known problems such as high capex, limited knowledge of modern farming techniques, lack of scale and being squeezed by middlemen.


Fefifo’s co-farming model provides modern farmspace-as-a-service, turning high Capex modern farming to a pure Opex play, curated for food crops that succeed in a pure Opex model, that encourages traditional smallholder farmers and young unemployed Agri-graduates to be Agropreneurs with access to Agri-science, technology and training. Our community network and open ecosystem of partners support and ensure success through the value chain, with established market access and go-to-market under one ethical brand. We are also building proprietary technology required to govern a distributed network of smallholders where it matters most, i.e. farm financial governance, community knowledge/solution support, and harvest accountability. Our Agropreneurs grow in spaces that are protected from the environment and use modern crop systems that enable them to better control their operations and yield.

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