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Access to Water and Health in the Thar Desert, India (AWHT)

Our project aims to enhance access to safe drinking water and healthcare provision to the Thar Desert Communities in India through the provision of rainwater harvesting techniques and innovation of traditional methods.


Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS)

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  • India


In the drought-prone regions of Thar, Bundelkhand and in hilly regions of Uttarakhand where GRAVIS operates, people suffer from complex challenges related to water and food security, animal husbandry and agriculture.

People struggle daily to overcome the harsh environmental conditions with chronic droughts and extremely poor rainfall, diminishing resources and societal forces that hinder the development and upliftment of life. Acute water and food insecurity in turn adversely affect the health of the communities where malnutrition, anemia among women and children are a common phenomenon. The worst affected in such circumstances are the minorities including women, children, elderly and marginal cultivators.


GRAVIS adopts different drought mitigation measures to address issues of the desert communities related to water and food security, and protect, promote and rejuvenate rural livelihood opportunities.

Aligning with our holistic approach, our solutions are spread across diverse development realms of water, agriculture, education, health and gender equality. In this direction, we undertake construction of traditional rainwater harvesting structures, climate-resilient agriculture programs, multidimensional public health interventions and promote primary education especially of young girls. Our focus remains on the neediest population, with all our activities led by women and the elderly and differently-abled people. These are complemented by capacity-building sessions, research and advocacy programs on different themes, which foster the community's ownership and natural resource management and support policy-making and scheme development.

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