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ACTSE: Digital Tools for Community-based Organizations in Thailand

ACTSE specializes in web application development and develops digital tools and digital platforms to accelerate a power of community-based organizations (CBO) to go beyond the limit with technology.


Accelerate Community Technology (ACTSE)

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In Thailand, Accelerate Community Technology (ACTSE) notices that many community-based organizations (CBO), such as public health centers, suffer from traditional ways of collecting and managing data.

Dealing with complex databases by using paper documents and simple office programs consumes considerable amount of time and man-hours. This is not an efficient process and cannot maximize the use of the data collected.

To tackle this issue, ACTSE develops digital systems that make data management more accurate, reliable, and user-friendly, so that the members and staff of these CBOs can focus on developing healthcare policies and other measures.


At ACTSE, we support community-based organizations (CBO) and civil society organizations (CSO) in adopting digital transformation and building integrated operation systems that connect them with government agencies.

ACTSE’s main service is data management platform for HIV/AIDS community clinics. The platform implements the RRTTPR strategy: Reach, Recruit, Test, Treat, Prevent, and Retain. By accelerating the productivity of the healthcare facilities and sponsoring their services, ACTSE aspires to reduce HIV, AIDS, and STDs cases and improve the public health system.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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