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Addressing Malnourishment in Children

Addresses malnourishment in children under 6 years of age through a PPP model of nutrition supplementation, growth monitoring, training of childcare workers and parents in Mumbai, India.


United Way Mumbai

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Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 years are attributable to undernourishment. In spite of government efforts & the ICDS programme, India has one of the highest malnourishment rates in children globally. Recently, India ranked 100th out of 119 nations in the Global Hunger Index 2017.

We know that chronic malnutrition has severe consequences which affect a child for the rest of its life. These include increased likelihood of premature death, susceptibility to disease, impaired cognitive skills and academic performance, lower physical capacity and ability to work along with major long term negative impacts on brain and nerve development.

Unless we address malnourishment at a young age, any other efforts we make for children in later years - in education, health or skilling - will have diminished impact.


United Way Mumbai partners with the government's Integrated Child Development Scheme in urban and rural communities. We address the malnourishment crisis by -
  • Identifying undernourished children between the ages of 2-6 years
  • Ensuring they receive an additional nutrition supplement of 500 kcal for 5 months followed by 250 kcal for another 5 months. This helps ensure the gains they make are sustainable.
  • Monitoring their growth (height, weight & mid upper arm circumference) on a regular basis to ensure data driven interventions and real time tracking.
  • Training Anganwadi workers in safe food handling and addressing needs of undernourished children.
  • Educating parents on low cost nutrition and hygiene
  • Facilitating medical referrals for children who are Severe Acute Malnourished (SAM). This is done in partnership with civic hospitals.
Through these efforts, we aim to bring children out of a high risk category for malnourishment.

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