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Agastya: Increasing access to practical learning in schools

Agastya International Foundation is a Non-Profit in India, that sparks curiosity in economically disadvantaged government school children towards a practical hands-on Science education, and provides training to school teachers in hands on pedagogy.


Agastya International Foundation

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Most government schools in India today lack the infrastructure, tools or resources to create an interactive and sustainable approach to learning. While India’s ‘demographic dividend’ is seen as its comparative advantage across the world, it has not succeeded much in reforming its heavily regulated education system to equip its youngsters. 

Didactic and uninspiring education methods of the government schools fail to provide disadvantaged children the tools to overcome constraints. Instead they have produced apathy, leading to low school attendance, higher dropout rates and poorly skilled graduates.


To elevate the learning environment in schools, we at Agastya use unique innovative methods such as the I-Mobile Lab, that fills the gap between self-learning of science concepts and digital education for children, building a spirit of enquiry, computational and logical thinking. This enables experiential and hands-on child-centric learning, teacher education and scalable methods through highly innovative and effective outreach channels. We aim to bring about a shift in five vital behaviours:
  1. ‘Yes to Why’
  2. ‘Looking to Observing,’
  3. ‘Passiveness to Exploring,’
  4. ‘Text-book to Hands-on,’
  5. ‘Fear to Confidence’

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