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Aglonera is a digital platform that helps small food businesses (profit margin less than USD 12 per day) in Indonesia to get more profit and reduce their time burden when doing business.


PT. Aglonera Saluran Berkat

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  • Indonesia


Food and beverage businesses like tukang nasi goreng, warteg, warung nasi padang, jus buah, and warung sayur in Indonesia are carrying a big burden in their business chain. In order to get a big profit margin, these small businesses have to run almost 24 hours - we call it 24 hours business.

These businesses start from 2 or 3 am in the morning to buy their raw materials for 2 hours. They will prepare their stuff and open the stalls from 7 till 9 am and close until 9 or 10 pm at night. So much time for limited profit margins.

Moreover the limited amount of profit margin happens due to high cost of raw materials that they need (40%-70% of the product price is raw material cost) and high sourcing cost that they have to carry in order to find the best price.

The limited money that they get cannot afford decent meals per day and other needs. As a result, business owners send their kids to big cities to open the same stalls as their parents do.


Aglonera created a pre-order subscription-based platform that helps small food and beverage business to maintain and fulfil their raw materials daily with free delivery service. These local SMEs need not go to market every morning – who are mostly done by women - as they can fulfil all their material business by phone. Using the platform, they just need to put their daily raw material needs for a week, arrange their scheduled date and time, and signed the contract every week. Delivery of the product is done as per schedule. The contract is renewed once a week and the price at the beginning of the contract will be steady while the contract active.

Since the sourcing process is taken by us, we help SMEs to get better profit margin.

We also invite women and girls from our farmer communities in several areas in West Java to preserve our product before we collect and deliver them to our customers.

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