AI for Mental Health

Empower smartphones to identify the voice biomarker of users’ psychological conditions, and support users with relaxation content. It is designed to benefit the mentally sub-healthy population.


Wonder Technology

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  • China


Mental Health is a global challenge. In China, 73.6% of the population are confronted with mental sub-healthy problems and 17.5% have mental diseases. Among the mental sub-healthy population, solutions supporting self-adjustment is the primary demand. Due to sense of shame, 70% of the mental patients are not diagnosed, and less than 3% of depression patients receive professional treatment.


A) RelaxO – an “Anxiety Killer” help you feel relaxed in 3 minutes Step 1: Voice AI Emotion Assessment Step 2: Pocket EQ coach: customize emotional adjustment plans Our target users for RelaxO are pregnant mothers. We help them to build healthy habits like waling, napping, mindful eating with personalized heating music. B) Voice AI Mental Health Exam Empower our smartphones to identify the voice biomarker of our psychological conditions. Therefore, we can diagnose mental health disease earlier, safer and cheaper for EVERYONE. Our target users are teenagers, college students & young professionals since suicide, which is the number 1 cause of suicide in China, mostly affects youths ages 15 to 34.

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