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Duithape enables our clients to distribute aid digitally. Our strength is our ability to cater to non tech-savvy users from ages 5 to 80 years old and even the disabled.



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  • Indonesia


There has been great difficulty in distributing financial aid for the poor. The main reason is because majority of Indonesians do not have bank accounts. Previously, our client organizations had extreme difficulty because they had to hand carry goods and/or cash and distribute them in person to beneficiaries.


Duithape focuses on digital aid distribution in Indonesia for clients such as the government as well as local and international donors. We distribute to the unbanked poor in a way that is massive, safe, efficient, highly accountable and traceable through our network of Agents/ Merchants that act as distribution points. Our clients just need to give instructions and the aid is distributed in minutes to the correct recipients, with clear accountability. Duithape was specifically designed for disadvantaged people at the bottom of the pyramid. Our strength is our ability to cater to anyone, such as non tech-savvy users that don’t even own a phone. Many of our recipients are elderly people, some of whom are disabled. But our recipients also include children, some as young as 5 years old. Duithape also prioritizes women to become our user beneficiaries; as a result, over 70% of our beneficiaries are women. Through facial recognition technology, the recipients only need to provide their face and enter their PIN to shop. They do not need to own a phone or a card. The Digital Aid Distribution strategy also strengthens the local economy, as the aid is distributed through micro stores within the beneficiary’s community, hence boosting the local economy by increasing the income of local SMEs while providing access to digital financial services.

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