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Applied Tech for the Good of Fishermen

We started our project with an idea to tackle poverty specifically in the coastal communities using an app to help traditional fishermen get higher catch rate that will lead to improvement of life.


FishGO Indonesia

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Despite having the second biggest fish capture rate in the world (FAO, 2016), Indonesia is home to 5.32 million traditional fishermen that are categorized as impoverished, surviving on just 3 USD disposable income from day to day. A key problem for traditional fishermen is the low catch rate. They do not have access information on high-potential fishing grounds, this causes them to go aimlessly and came back to shore with very little to no result. This behaviour has led to considerable waste in fuel, time and energy. When fishermen came back to shore with no result, they cannot pay for their daily needs.


FishGo processes remote sensing imagery from MODIS imagery (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) in the form of SST data (Sea Surface Temperature) and chlorophyll-a concentration. We use SST data to monitor fish physiology conditions where they are able to live; and combine that with chlorophyll-a concentration data showing where fish are more likely to eat. We also use oceanography modelling in the form of flow movement to determine fish movement patterns and to establish the safest route to fish.
The maps that are produced from the data that we process, is then made available to fishermen through the FishGO app. By knowing high-potential locations, fishing routes will become more directed and the chance to get fish increases. This improvement in the traditional fishermen’s catch rate will then directly impact the fishermen’s and his family’s quality of life.

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