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Arc Robotics: Automated Solutions for Waste Management of Urban Living in India

Arc Robotics is a robotics development startup working tirelessly towards elevating the urban lives in India and generating the solutions for mitigating the risk related to the urban living like sanitation and waste processing.


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The volume of sewage in the world is set to rise in line with population growth. This results in debris associated with modern consumer lifestyles, and an increase in toxic substances. More wastewater, including sewage, will be generated and contain increasing amounts of dangerous chemicals. With its high risks to human health and ecosystems, better sewage treatment and disposal methods are required.

In India, most of the existing systems for solid waste management are mired in chaos, and lack adequate infrastructure and resources. Untreated sewage and leachate from solid waste landfill sites seep into the soil and water bodies, resulting in contamination of surface water and groundwater sources, which leads to frequent blockages, overflows and leakages. Cleaning efforts through manual machine operation and direct intervention of laborers with toxic waste can result in higher costs.

It is clear that there is a pressing need to provide sustainable automated solutions for waste management of urban living in India, and Arc Robotics has the solution for this.  


At Arc Robotics, we aim to provide solutions to address challenges that exist in urban and rural societies. We have been working in the domain of waste management and processing, and have proudly innovated a robot-based irrigation, scavenging, and monitoring system - Krait.

Krait is a flexible robot for robotic scavenging. It is designed to mimic human movements with the help of a flexible robotic arm with an amenable user interface, sensors & cameras for various cleaning operations like jetting, suction and grabber. It is used to clean sewers, drains, and tanks that are otherwise cleaned by human workers, preventing loss of human lives and dignity due to manual scavenging, which is a hazardous and degrading occupation that exposes workers to toxic gases, infections, and injuries. It improves the efficiency and quality of sanitation services, as robots can operate faster, deeper, and more thoroughly than humans. Krait also collects data and monitors the conditions of the sewers, drains, and tanks. It has an automated jetting and suction system which can be opted with various variants available, and can perform multiple operations and perform grabbing to plucking out the debris from complex structure where it is difficult to approach.

With the use of robotic solutions, we can:
  1. prevent the exposure of workers to toxic gases, infections, and injuries; and
  2. collect data and monitor the conditions of the sewers, drains, and tanks, and alert.

Robotics can create a positive workplace. For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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