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Area Development of Brgy. Buhatan through Eco-tourism

Runs a community Based Eco-Tourism for environmental conservation of Buhatan Philippines while providing sustainable livelihoods for the community.



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Consuelo Chito Madrigal Foundation, Inc

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  • Philippines


Since the inception of this project in 2015, the issue of illegal fishing and the dirty condition of the river has already been addressed. The current challenges that the project aims to address are 1) increase the number of mangroves in Buhatan River 2) issue of Solid Waste Management in each house and 3) increasing environmental awareness outside of Barangay Buhatan, Sorsogon City


1) Increasing the Mangroves in Buhatan River can be done through establishment of a Mangrove Nursery and further Mangrove Reforestation. A good way to show people the importance of Mangroves is through the river cruise and a Mangrove Boardwalk where tour guides can discuss the different types of Mangroves and how they protect us and the ecosystem.

2) Issue of Solid Waste Management can be addressed by setting up a Community-based Environmental Solid Waste Management and Environmental IEC Campaigns

3) The approach of Area Development focuses on inclusive sustainable growth, in which we believe Eco-tourism has the greatest multiplier effect. Currently, Buhatan River cruise has its own restaurant that uses organic vegetables in their cooking. Buhatan will be supporting its own SPO through Organic Vegetable and Rootcrops Farming and Processing. This approach will provide more communities with livelihood and the opportunity to become stewards of Sorsogon City.

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